Barry Whitwam

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Born 21 July 1946 in Prestbury, England. Started drumming at the age of 14 years whilst still at school.

On leaving school at 15 to take up a career as a ladies hairdresser, he filled in the weekend nights playing with “Danny and the Demons”. Soon the pressure of trying to do both jobs resulted in the decision to leave the salon and concentrate on the drums though only on condition that he practiced for 8 hours a day – a promise made to his father.
In April 1964 he joined “Herman and the Hermits” and the group’s name was immediately changed to HERMAN’S HERMITS. He has been with Herman’s Hermits non-stop since 1964, touring the USA alone more than 150 times.

One of the high points of his career was meeting Elvis Presley in Hawaii in the 60’s. He has a photograph to prove it! He has several nicknames due to his reputation as a joker but is usually known as “Bean”.

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